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The Neuroplastician 


Get Acknowledged and Define The Standard


The npnHub is an interactive community for neuroplasticians powered by ION. At the npnHub we offer neuroscience practitioners an environment to share, shine and learn together . Members can get awarded with the Neuroplastician™ Recognition Badge and help us set the bar for Neuroplastician™ 

qualification standards.

Join A professional Community of Practitioners

The application of neuroplasticity is an emerging discipline within the organizational context. Qualification Standards still need to be defined. At the npnHub we unite experts and learners in applied neuroscience and acknowledge their expertise. In our community, we offer an environment to learn, shape and grow the discipline of the Neuroplastician™ in an organizational context.

Are you a qualified Neuroplastician™? 

Join the npnHub and find out how your expertise and certification can be acknowledged in order to validate your training and experience, toward defining and growing the discipline of Organizational Neuroscience.

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