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ION is a collaborative initiative between academics, neuroscience practitioners and consultants who have a high proficiency in neuroplasticity and advanced knowledge in the application of neuroscience in an organizational and educational context.


We grow the discipline of the Neuroplastician and offer innovative consulting solutions, neuroscience-based coaching and host a vivid community for professional exchange in applied neuroscience practitioners.

We integrate applied neuroscience and organizational best practice 

We bring professionals together to redefine the future of business, with the brain in mind.

As Marvin Minsky at MIT said, "The mind is what the brain does." If we want to understand the mind, at work we should look at how to apply the research from neuroscience in the organizational context. Many organizations are broken doing the same old same old. It's time to reimagine the future.

We started the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience based on shared frustration and the lack of practical business research. The integration between applied neuroscience and organizational best practice is our mission. We plan to achieve this be learning and laughing together. 

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