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At ION, we are dedicated to validating the expertise of practitioners in the field of neuroplasticity, behavioral and organizational neuroscience. We disseminate information about the list of qualified members, who are known as Neuroplasticians. These individuals have met certain qualifications and are recognized as experts in the field. ​Get certified as a Neuroplastician™ based on previous training and related expertise.

The Neuroplastician™ Certification
Organizational Neuroscience

We can help you develop and implement a comprehensive strategy that effectively improves well-being and increases performance across your business. Our Neuroplasticians, training institutes, and Ph.D. pracademic researchers offer innovative consulting solutions, assessments, coaching, and development programs that ensure your organization and people flourish. Contact us to speak to an expert.

Professional Development in Applied Neuroscience

ION collaborates with vetted training providers offering training and professional development in applied neuroscience. See the shortlist of our vetted training partners.

Setting the Standards in  Applied Neuroscience

Benefit from collective knowledge in neuroscience applications and get acknowledged for your expertise.

Institute of Organizational Neuroscience
Community for Experts and Learners in Applied Neuroscience

Join leading practitioners and educators in the npnHub to grow your expertise in a professional, interactive neuroscience community. Benefit from collective knowledge in neuroscience applications and explore the opportunity to get certified as a Neuroplastician™ based on your expertise and previous training.

Claim your 1 month free trial.

Ph.D. Research Hub

The ION Ph.D. Research Hub is a collaborative research community of Fellows in the process of completing a doctoral program in organizational neuroscience. The research hub also offers Ph.D. coaching opportunities toward being accepted into a doctoral program with our partner academic institutes. Find out how we can support you in your Ph.D. Journey.

Applied Neuroscience in an Organizational Context

There is a disconnect between what neuroscience shows and how the sciences is applied in an organizational an educational context.

At ION, we close the gap by uniting researchers, practitioners, training providers and organizations to set the standards in this discipline and acknowledge their expertise in the field of neuroplasticity, behavioral and organizational neuroscience.

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